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Any donation to Society is 50% income tax exempt under section 80-G. Please donate for physical helpless and old age person for serving them better and get of 50% income tax.
Wound Care faciliety is provided by our society, in this sitution our society care to that patient and treat them with help of advisery doctor. Use direct pressure and elevation to control bleeding and swelling. When wrapping the wound, always use a sterile dressing or bandage. (Very minor wounds may heal fine without a bandage.) You'll need to keep the wound clean and dry for five days.
दान हम क्यों दे ? शारीरिक रूप से असहाय, रोगी और बूढ़े व्यक्ति को मदद करने के लिए दान करें। *Donate now for helping to the physically helpless, patient and old age person. Donate Now:
If the tree is old, right in the courtyard, then two fruits will not be properly shade. Improved and popular institutions for the service of patients and the elderly.